Push the boundaries.
Encrypt the rules

Born from a love of horology and a respect for blockchain culture, Mr Crypto Watches is the result of passion and experience. Each Mr Crypto Watch is inspired by a form of cryptocurrency and utilizes Swiss craftsmanship, in order to bring the digital realm into a tangible, elegant product. Mr Crypto Watches offers an innovative take on the time-honoured world of luxury watches.

Every model is made in an exclusive edition of 21, related to the finite nature of Bitcoin. Furthermore, each watch is engraved with a unique serial number, trackable online and influenced by the security of the blockchain. Handmade, only the finest materials are used in production, such as 18-karat gold, Swiss automatic movement and Italian leather.

A fine watch, much like the blockchain, is an item that remains stable in a world that moves faster than ever. Mr Crypto Watches takes the values of cryptocurrency and pushes the boundaries by forging something sophisticated, scarce and luxurious.